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               SC "Klovainių skalda“ —  is the one of the main dolomite and granite crushed stone producers in Lithuania. For customer it is offered to gain dolomite and granite crushed stone of various fractions and sizes.

1969 m. was built the first producing line of cruched dolomite stone;
1978 m. was established association of roud building materialls "Granitas", in witch considered  Klovainiai factory.
1982 m. was build the new factory with four blocks in Klovainiai;     
1984 m. was opedned the new railroud Klovainiai - Pakruojis;                
1992 m. was registered public company "Klovainių skalda”;
1995 m. public company was privatized and renamed to SC "Klovainių skalda”;
2009 m. was built the new technological line in quarry.

SC "Klovainių skalda" is a member in association "Lietuvos keliai".

SC "Klovainių skalda" is a member in association "Milsa ir Ko".